About Us

Hawai'i Hunters was started with the passion of hunting and being able to provide for your family and love for the land and the culture of hunting. Then became Curious why there was never anything that shared the stories and pictures of Hawai'i hunters and who shot the biggest game animal, and who had the better hunting story then the other.  Hawai'i Hunters was then born with the intent to be the most informational, and supportive outdoor, and hunting site out there. We highlight the hunters of Hawai'i, the local way of hunting and share them with the world.  Showing the talent and different ways to hunt the islands of Hawai'i.

Hawaii Hunters intend to help the Farmers, Land owners, Property Management company's, and construction sites maintain wild life problems. Do to the lands being taken away and people not supporting hunters. Hunter's turned to another route to hunting and gathering food. Hunter's are now taking the risk, putting aside safety, and are hunting illegally by gathering game animals at night, or hunting on private land with no permission. Do to a lot of illegal hunting, trespassing, and unsafe hunting. Farmers and land owners don't trust any hunters helping them with there wild life problems. That's where Hawai'i Hunters can help provide farmers and land owners safe, smart, and licensed hunters to help maintain wild life problems.

Maui for example has a huge Axis Deer and Wild Boar problem. Axes deer have been eating and destroying farmers crops, peoples flower gardens, and being a dangerous problem to drivers at night and during the day for many years now. People have attempted to fence the deer out of there property in attempt to save there crops, and gardens. With so little information available to the public, people don't understand how deer can bound a five foot fence in a single jump. The Big Island (Hawai'i) has been dealing with a wild boar problem for many years as well and have just discovered that they now have Axis deer on certain parts of the island. Wild boars will not only damage farmers crops but also damage the ground, by uprooting native plants and small trees with their powerful noses.

Hawai'i Hunters shares the stories and pictures of the hunters of Hawai'i, hoping to change the minds of all the anti hunters to a positive and supportive one. Supporting Hawai'i Hunters and coming together, we can all come to an agreement with farmers, private land owners, and help as much as we can with any wild life problems. Together we can all find positive ways to control and manage the game animals in Hawai'i. Hawai'i being in the middle of the ocean we need to learn how to live off of the land and ocean to insure survival and have a sustainable food source rather than depending on imported foods. Hunting can be very beneficial for your health, the community, and keeping our youth off the streets and drugs. Kids can bond with there families, by hunting and sharing there stories and pictures for every one to see. Hawai'i Hunters also teaches hunters to practice safe hunting, good gun care, and survival tips.

Hawai'i Hunters encourages all land owners, farmers and the public to be come a member with Hawai'i Hunters. So we can all help to clear the bad name that hunters have and help maintain the wild life problem, continuing the cultural heritage of hunting in Hawai'i. Hawai'i Hunters strongly supports the second amendment "The right to bear arms" we also strongly recommend hunters and gun owners to be a NRA member. Please become a member with Hawai'i Hunters and grow with us, and show your support for the hunters and outdoors man of today and the future.


Hawaii Hunters