G5 Striker

Striker Broadheads feature replaceable blades with ANIX™ locking system technology to make certain that the blades remain solid and intact even on the most hard-hitting of shots. The edge of the Lutz blades themselves are honed by a diamond-cut sharpening process, leaving them with a lethal .030" cutting angle. A full 1 1/8" cut diameter armed with these deadly edges lead to better hemorrhaging for more blood, better blood trails and more efficient game recoveries.

Metal Injection Molding provides ample flexibility and strength. Coupled with 100% Spin Tested accuracy, this process makes the G5 Striker Broadheads incredibly accurate even when shooting today’s fast and powerful compound bows. Thanks to the Striker Broadheads replacable blade system, there is no need for you to be hunched over the grindstone attempting to build that perfect edge. Swap the used or old dulled blades with fresh razor sharp ones in less time than it would take you to sharpen an edge on your own. Take to the field armed and prepared with one of the deadliest broadheads the industry has to offer, the G5 Striker Broadheads.

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